What is a Freshwater pool?

A Freshwater pool system replaces your salt chlorinator and uses ionisation technology to sanitise your pool water instead of harmful chemicals.

It uses natural mineral ions (copper and silver) to transform swimming pools and spas into fresh drinking-quality water –without using harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

The leading ionisation technology available is called the Bionizer, an Australian invention for over 18 years, and is sold all over the world.  Bionizer is a proven swimming pool technology for even the highest traffic pools, for example Learn to Swim Schools, which are among the most used pools on the Sunshine Coast.

A Bionizer pool system replaces your salt chlorinator and leaves your pool with clear, sparkling, healthy, drinking-quality fresh water that is the best swimming experience you will ever have.  No more dry skin and hair, no more red eyes and no more exposing your family to harsh chemicals.

A Bionizer pool is also the easiest to maintain – no more constantly topping up your pool with heavy bags of salt (only to get turned into chlorine by the chlorinator) and have the sun evaporate it in a matter of hours, and then the whole cycle starts again.  The Bionizer unit maintains consistent levels all the time, including automatically keeping the pH at the correct level, which prevents algae attacks and expensive trips to the pool store.

Ongoing Savings

Achieve crystal clear water quality from far less pump running hours and far less chemicals.  A Freshwater Pool System saves you:-
1.  Up to 60% less pump runtime hours
2.  Up to 70% less chemical costs

Speak to your consultant for an estimate of your savings based on your usage. 

Bionizer is the only pool sanitisation system that offers reduced pump runtime hours. 

With its intelligent pool management system, the Bionizer controls the pool pump through its own timer and algorithms, and calculates how much ionising your pool needs all the time, and can accomplish this in less than 60% of Pump Runtime compared to traditional salt chlorinated pools.

Enjoy the savings a lower pump runtime delivers: 1-2 hours in Winter, and 3-4 hours in Summer!

Health Benefits

The Bionizer Freshwater Pool System gives you and your family a safe environment to swim in, without exposure to harsh chemicals including chlorine and chlorine stabilizer.  Those with chemical sensitivities need no longer suffer allergies, asthma or eczema, due to adverse reactions to these harmful chemicals.

Many swim schools are choosing Bionizer to sanitize their pools so that children are not effected by asthma-activating chemicals, and staff are not exposed to high levels of chlorine daily.  Chlorine is bio-accumulative in the human body, and when chlorine stabliser mixed with urine and/or sweat in pool water creates carcinogenic bi-products called tri-halomethanes and chloramines.

Most countries around the World have banned the use of Chlorine Stabilizer in swimming pools as it is confirmed carcinogenic, including USA, Canada and most European countries.  Australia still allows this in outdoor pools and is unfortunately still sold and recommended by pool stores.

Additionally, a freshwater pool will not:-
1.  Dry hair
2.  Dry skin
3.  Give you sore eyes
4.  Create chlorine gas – which triggers asthma
5.  Create carcinogenic bi-products
6.  Leave an unpleasant odour after swimming*


DID YOU KNOW:  There’s no need to have a shower after you get out of your freshwater pool – saving in hot water and water costs, and makes your pool more accessible as you can get in and get out, without a shower.  In fact the freshwater in your pool is many times cleaner than tap water!

You can also say goodbye to your swimmers being bleached by the chlorine and pool accessories be destroyed by the corrosive salt – in a bionized pool this never happens!  A Freshwater Pool will give you the ultimate comfortable, pure and worry free swimming experience possible.

To save any big upfront expense of getting your system, you can now Ezipay your system (‘take home Lay-by’, no credit checks or messy applications!), and get your home’s pool running on healthy freshwater NOW and pay off your system using the ongoing electricity and chemical savings for around $15 per week.

In just a short few years your system will pay itself off using the electricity and chemical savings, and then enjoy saving an estimated $1000+ per year ongoing

See attached System Prices with low ezipay repayments!

7 big reasons to own a Freshwater Pool:- 

  • SAVE up to 60% on energy costs – with lower pump runtime and 5 Watt Ionizer, instead of a 300 Watt Chlorinator
  • SAVE hundreds on chemical costs – no more bags of salt or expensive chemicals to maintain your pool
  • SAVE on maintenance costs – if you current pay for a pool service, your new freshwater pool is only $45 per service and fewer visits required
  • Automatically adjusts PH level – for perfect quality water and to prevent algae attacks and costly emergency trips to the pool shop
  • Feels nice!  Water is soft and clear
  • No more sore eyes – Asthma, Eczema and Allergy Friendly – safe for the whole family, no toxic chemicals
  • Trusted in 24 countries by: *Hotels, *Swim Schools, *Resorts, *Day Spas, *Councils, *Backyard Pools